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Peter Heffler Violin 804

Peter Heffler Violin 804

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Heffler violins are handcrafted in Germany by master violin maker, Peter Siegfried Heffler and his team of luthiers. Each instrument is inspected by hand by Peter Siegfried Heffler. 

Peter Siegfried Heffler, born on Jan, 31st 1960 in Reuth, learned the trade of varnishing stringed instruments from his father Konrad Heffler, born on June 4th 1933 in Bereg. In 1945 Peter Heffler immigrated to Franconia, together with his parents and opened his own business for violin varnishing in 1960. Peter opened his own business for violin making in 1985. This first years, he specialized in the refinement of violin, viola and cello surfaces. Many companies appreciated this know-how, e.g. worldwide known companies such as Hfner and Gill.

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